Haunted Dormitory - Marionette Teacher

Baroque art school students mysterious disappearance of small tea, with the dormitory rain and other people in the help of the teacher began to trace the whereabouts of small tea. In the search process they accidentally learned buried in the campus ten years of "doll teacher" mysterious legend. Yuzi, a teacher who has been dead for ten years unexpectedly returned to the crowd again. With the gradual improvement of the idea of investigation, the death of the teacher and the "doll teacher" legend behind the truth slowly surfaced, and the former quiet campus has become a crisis, looking for a small tea drop companion bizarre disappear, rain smoke Go to the despair of the truth of all the bizarre events

Genres: Horror

Actor: Chen Haeley, Ruruy Jiang, Verabelle, Sunny Xie, Yu-Xin Yao

Director: Shilei Lu

Country: China

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017